Coaches & Partners

Milos MilunovicFounder & Junior development expert

With over 18 years of experience in creating future ITF, College and Professional tennis players , he led hundreds of juniors to high national and world rankings while working in Serbia and abroad as personal trainer or Head coach in 4 different well established Tennis clubs & academies.

Filip Novakovic 

ITF expert

With over 13 years of experience, Filip worked as an assistant to Serbian Davis coup & national team coach, worked individually and traveled with a number of high ranked ETA & ITF players in Serbia and abroad and managed Agrimes academy in Serbia as a head coach.

Predrag Burmazovic

ATP & WTA expert

With over 9 years of experience, Predrag quickly positioned himself as one of Serbia best coaches for established top junior & senior players with dozens of high ranked players in his resume. He managed several Belgrade academies as a head coach & director and organized several coaching conferences and international tournaments

Aleksandar Petkovic

ITS manager & Social tennis expert

 With over 23 years of experience, Aleksandar worked in multiple Belgrade tennis academies specializing in junior development and social tennis with a special emphasis on organization and management in accordance with his education and carrier in management, human resources and insurance market.

Jelena Djordjevic

ITF/TE players expert & hitting partner

With over 5 years of professional playing and 10 years of coaching experience, Jelena has coached and sparred with dozens of top local and world ranked Juniors. As an assistant to Serbian Tennis Federation, she worked with a number of individual and team junior world champions and took part in many international tennis camps in Serbia and abroad.

Andjela Milicevic

Play&stay, Tennis10s expert

With over 14 years of experience, Andjela worked under some of the most established names in Serbian tennis, mainly building up the strong technical base for future junior tournament players. After working in some of the most successful Serbian Academies she helped development and promotion of tennis in China and finally ending with her current position as a head coach of a tennis club in Lebanon

Milos Babic

Junior development & ITF expert

With over 15 years of experience, Milos was a co-founder of two established Belgrade junior academies and finally, a founder & owner of his own academy on the grounds of Belgrade sports University. Over years he developed countless juniors to champion levels nationally and internationally both as a Sports director and on-court coach. 

Filip Spasojevic owner & Head coach

With over 8 years of experience, Filip is one of Serbia most dynamic and ambitious young tennis coaches. He’s a founder of a site and one of the pioneers of promoting Serbia as a top tennis development destination. With international experience in China and Lebanon, he runs very efficient international tennis system for juniors in Serbia.