Since 2013 Serbia has produced 4 different No.1 juniors in the world

Train in one of the worlds most successful & affordable junior training systems

Customized programs designed for best junior development results

  • Since 2013 Serbia has produced 4 different No.1 juniors in the world


  • Train in one of the worlds most successful & affordable junior training systems


  • Customized programs designed for best junior development results

ITA coaches plan & manage

  • Program individually modeled for players specific physical & mental profile
  • All tennis and fitness training
  • Weekly, monthly, annual planning
  • Handpicked training & sparring partners
  • Constant evaluations & analysis
  • Seasonal tournament planning
  • Logistics, tournament traveling with match analysis & statistic
  • Injury prevention, diagnostics & recovery: stretching, massages & yoga programs
  • Mental training, parent training, and pedagogic advisory
  • Sport diet
  • Biomechanical & motoric tests minimum once annually

… all in all 100 % oversight and control of every aspect of players development

Our Programs

Resident coach

Resident coach

 Live, train & study in Serbia in long-term programs
International coach

International coach

Hire Serbian coach for training in your country

Match play week

Match play week

Weekly match playing program with analysis

Tennis camps

Tennis camps

Weekly camp programs in largest Serbian academies

Word from the head coach

Milos Milunovic 

ITS Founder and Head Coach

“The ITS program as an idea came to me after years of training juniors in Serbia and especially after 4 years of work in UAE with most of top-ranked National Juniors.

The UAE experience has shown me all the problems and issues in classic Tennis systems that include training in Tennis clubs, Academies or camps.

As an example, I would point out the problem of players development being limited in those closed systems by lack of good training and sparring partners, group levels, training timings, coach rotations, no specific fitness coaching & planning ..etc

All this led to parents and players being stretched between multiple non-communicating tennis coaches, fitness coaches, competing academies, other parents for sparring, different doctors for injury recoveries and no real tournament planning and following.

The ITS program tries to bridge all those problems by offering an individual, flexible and open system in which your coach will cover absolutely EVERY aspect of your development and have complete oversight in these individual and small group systems.

Furthermore, ITS works on promoting my native Serbia as a top junior development destination in the world and promotes its coaches as one of the worlds most affordable and successful professionals with huge hiring interest especially in last decade all over developing Asia and rest of the globe as well.”

ITS System

The ITS system differentiates from other global systems in several points.

The main principles are :

1. It’s a COMPLETE training and managing system including every aspect of Tennis junior development overseen by a single head coach in cooperation with other ITS coaches, academies, players & their parents, literally, mirroring full professional ATP/WTA systems

2. Western-based Tennis academies ( Spain, France, UK, US ) are charging their mostly group programs at 3000+ eu/month prices. Similar programs in arrangement with Serbian professionals & academies are usually 30-70 % CHEAPER with often superior results.

3. FLEXIBILITY is an important aspect of  ITS system and junior player training offering exposure to different training partners, venues, cooperating coaches, systems, facilities.. keeping training programmes constantly fresh and animating.

4. Serbian PEDAGOGY approach is often more intense and intimate than in more western-based systems, meaning it builds up a really close, trustworthy & friendly relationship with coaches to be able to expose junior players to tougher life&game situations, build character and toughness lot of eastern European players are famous for these days.

5. Programs BALANCED with private, semi-private, groups of 3-4 players training to achieve maximum diversity of drills and on-court situations

6. In the case of employing Serbian professional in your country, the salary adjusts to that country’s STANDARD.




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